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Credit: Nate Weir

Public presentations have more recently become a part of my monthly routine. I love the pressure and the excitement I get before a big presentation. Whether it has been for education, travel or sports; I have created and presented in front of big groups and tried to entertain the audience with my passion and energy.

Over the past couple of years, I have been involved with the professional Ultimate Frisbee team, the San Diego Growlers, who are apart of the Association of Ultimate League Disc (AUDL). During the past season I have partnered with Brian Moore (see picture on left) to announce during their live stream as well as promoting events like Ultimate on Ice during the halftime of the San Diego Gulls (see picture on right).

Credit: Kyle Berry

Over the past few years, I have been acting as a Global Education Ambassador (GEA) for the company Education First (EF). I do presentations for local schools as well an run seminars for American teachers abroad. I have run seminars in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. The picture on the left is from my most recent seminar  in Madrid in July 2017. I will answer a bevy of questions on student travel from first time traveling teachers. It is a great experience to impart some of the things I have learned on my trips as well and learn great insight from teachers around the United States. To learn more about my trips abroad, check out my Travel page.

Credit: Greg Pettus

One of my biggest speaking engagements was at my alma mater San Diego State in 2016. At the annual sport clubs banquet, I was asked to be the keynote speaker, and share how playing in the sport club program there helped provide me the tools necessary to be successful in life.

Being involved in education has many perks; one is to get to entertain the parents. Over the past 4 years, I have helped create History Nights at Escondido Charter High School. It is basically like a Science Fair, but it is History only. We have tackled topics like whether Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is still intact today in the US and the debate between Jefferson and Hamilton about the size of the government. I present to our guests about the purpose of why we focus so much on history at our school.

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