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Photo Credit: Lia Canfield

Travel: Education Ambassador

I have been in education for the past 15 years. For the first eleven years I have taught a combination of World History, AP European History and Economics , and Honor Economics. I also help build Exploratory curriculum which are five-week courses offered to our 9th graders. For the last four years, I have moved into Academic Advising serving as the Senior College Counselor. 


Since the beginning of my career as an educator, I have been leading groups abroad with Education First (EF) Tour Company. Through EF I have traveled with students to three continents, with multiple trips to Europe. I have also traveled on training tours, both as a participant and a presenter to Barcelona, Belize, Berlin, China, Madrid, Panama, Paris, Rome and Zurich. Independently from EF, I have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and Scandinavia.


I believe traveling is essential in our globalized economy and passionately try to instill this idea in my classroom, as well as the many classrooms I present in. I have been helping EF as a Global Education Ambassador (GEA) for the last twelve years by: presenting in front of teachers, presenting in front of classrooms and presenting in front of EF staff.

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