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Below are documents I have used during pre-departure, hopefully they help:

On the left side above is my recent slide presentation for interest to Japan in 2018. I like using a combination of my own slides with EF. On the right side above is my the tour guidelines for the trip. I got the handout from a previous teacher, and I have them sign it before enrollment.

On the left slide is my presentation for my 110 Day Departure Meeting. Typically, you would have your flight days and possibly your flight times and hotels (although this is still early). You can also start getting more detail oriented with locations, packing, and extra optional excursions. On the right side is something I made for both parents and students. I called it the Parent Survival Guide, and I would hand this out at the 110-day departure.

Credit: Justin Panalsigui

For my 2019 trip, I decided to make a small tips for packing handout for the students. I like the benefit of carrying a small cross shoulder bag on tour since it can help carry essentials for the day. I like this one on Amazon.

In my first year at ECHS (2010), the yearbook teacher Justin Panlasigui created superhero personas of each of the teachers on staff, naturally I was Globetrotter. Thought it was fitting to put it here.

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