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Ireland, England and France  2013

In 2013 we jetted back to Europe on my third EF trip with students. This was at the same time I was transitioning to teach AP European History so I had become more and more enamored with Europe and couldn't wait to get back. Since I created these snapshots of countries from my most recent trip to my first trip I have already spoke about England and France, so I thought I would focus on Ireland for this write-up.

Ireland's beauty is unmatched by most other countries. Dublin is, like many big modern cities, and it seems like many of my students were more interested in the countryside. We did the Ring of Kerry loop and the views were breathtaking. We got to kiss the famous Blarney Stone at the castle. I am not sure if it has an endless supply of the gift of the gab, but I felt smarter afterwards.

"It was my favorite memory from high school. I loved exploring the different cultures and cities in Europe and being able to experience it all with my classmates and favorite teachers was something I'll cherish forever!"



--Morgan ECHS Class of 2013

"Going on an EF trip was by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was so much fun and opened my eyes to other cultures. Being able to engage with people from around the world and seeing the history I learned about was amazing. The experiences I had on my EF trip were life absolutely life changing."

--- Senior Jenna Petrungaro

"The trip to Europe was my first real chance to be able to travel internationally. I was able to meet new people and go to places I thought I'd never see."










--- Franklin ECHS Class of 2013

"Going to Europe was a great growth opportunity for me. It brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me to interact with new people. My perspective towards the world was changed as I experienced new cultures during the trip, which taught me that there's a lot more to the world than what I'm used to in my everyday life. It was an eye opening experience."


-- Brittany ECHS Class of 2014

For two nights we stayed in Cork at a family-style bed and breakfast. We took a carriage ride around a park on the left and on the right was just one of the many beautiful landscape views along the Ring of Kerry.

Ireland is so green, it is a wonderful place full of medeival castles, churches and sheperd's pie.

The picture above was one of my favorite experiences on the trip. We got to see a world champion sheepdog herder conduct a myriad of calls. It was fascinating!

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